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Residential Services

Thousands of satisfied customers can't be wrong. Ainger Communications is your choice for residential installation and repair. Since 1996, our courteous, experienced technicians have delivered prompt, professional service. Combined with scheduled appointments and competitive rates, your satisfaction is always guaranteed. Experience service on your terms.

Services include:

Prewire for communications, security & home entertainment

Installation & repair of telephone wire/jacks, television & satellite cable

Home networking

Residential Prewire

When building a new home or renovating, it is important that communications and security are considered in the planning stage. Our consultants design the infrastructure before construction begins, working with our clients to develop a solution addressing their needs. From start to finish, we deliver on schedule and on budget. Our prewire services conform to the latest industry and consumer standards, ensuring that your home will be wired for today and tomorrow.

Prewire services include:

Structured installation of telephone, computer, television & satellite, security and home entertainment wire and cable

Prewire for intercom and closed circuit television

Relocation of Outside Plant cable (aerial & buried)

Interconnection to gates for remote access (security)

Installation & Repair Services

Installation or repair is just a phone call or email away. Contact us for:

Telephone wire and jack installation and repair

Television cable installation and repair (including high speed internet)

Home Networking

Since the introduction of computer grade wiring to the residential market in the late 1990's, our clients have been upgrading telephone house wire, or complimenting existing wire with network cable. This has become the standard in new construction, addressing current requirements, while not ignoring the future of communications. Many of our customers in older homes are now enjoying their own home networks. Based on traditional business applications, users can share internet service or files without leaving their computer. From a simple installation connecting two computers, to networking every room in your house, we work with you to provide a functional, affordable solution.

Contact us regarding these services:

Installation & testing of Category 5 enhanced and Category 6 cable

Configuring personal computers

Service of existing networks